10 Hazards of NaNoWriMo

November is a trying month in our household.  Even with the best preparations things go awry.  I am only a week and 12,348 words in and already I have fought and struggled hard again these Nanowrimo inflictions.

  1. Typing so hard I broke my nails on both my little, and ring fingers so low to the quick that they now smart every time they hit the keys.
  2. Headaches!
  3. Forgetting regular things – like where I put a box of Karate equipment because my mind is literally wandering away with the plot.
  4. Losing the plot only to be led in a new direction by my lead character, who is turning out to be far less villainous than I had intended.  This could change? I don’t know and I am worried about that, but learning to let go, no still trying to let go but letting go is hard with white knuckles.
  5. Writing blog posts like this while waiting for the washer to finish because I know if I start writing words before then I will have to get up and sort it out and could lose my way.
  6. Wrist pain.  There is something about Nanowrimo writing that is unlike any other type of writing that I do.  There is an urgency to getting the words down before I have a chance to think too clearly.  I just want Delilah’s story to be told and she is in a hurry.
  7. Running out of Nanowrimo treats.  See picture.
  8. Arse getting fatter from too many Nanowrimo treats (thankfully no picture).
  1. Neck and should pain from too many intense hours at the computer.
  2. Obsessive, compulsive character driven disorder.  She is back!  I can hear Delilah’s voice again. Time to get my words down for today.  As soon as I check the letter box and sort the washing on.  Yes I hear you..

Good luck fellow nanowrimo’s!!

When November is finished I will be putting on my yoga teacher’s hat and sharing some information on dealing with those story induced body aches and pains on my other site BodyPeaceWriter.com.


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